School Epidemic Prevention Rules

Checklist for Parents
1. Ensure your child's health is in good condition. Please do a temperature check before sending them to school. (Symptoms like cold, fever, and others are not allowed to enter the school premises)
2. Make sure your child wears a mask.
3. Parents are not allowed to enter classrooms and school premises.
4. Parents must pick up and drop off their children according to the times specified.
5. Make sure your child brings a sufficient amount of water to school.

SOP at School
1. Fully Vaccinated staff.
2. Screen the children for symptoms in front of the parents. Children that have covid-19 symptoms are not allowed to attend school. (Eg. fever, cough, flu and sore throat).
3. Check the temperature. Children with temperatures 37 degrees and above are not permitted in the school.
4. Wash and sanitize hands regularly.
5. Social Distancing.

We hope for your cooperation and understanding for the safety of the children.

2. 请确保您的孩子带上口罩。
3. 请家长们在外等候,不得进入校园内。
4. 请家长们按照规定时间接送孩子。
5. 请确保孩子们携带足量的水到学校。

Published : 23-May-2022

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